Arts and Sciences
The Schedule for Arts and Sciences activities is not yet available.
Our Arts and Sciences schedule and events is being vetted now. If you are interested in teaching, performing, dancing or other arts and sciences activities, please contact me, I'm here to help.

Together with the hard work of my deputies and the support of the event staff our team aims to provide many opportunities to showcase the awesome artisans of the SCA and encourage a welcoming learning environment to build on existing skills or delve into new experiences through:

• Live Artisan’s Row demos and workshops
• A&S Classes • Daily A&S Themed Displays of arts and crafts
• Persona Displays
• Dancing
• Music
• Live Performances
• A Fashion Show
• Highlighting the Best of the Best in A&S
• An A&S 50 (for 50 Year) Challenge Exhibition
• Interactive Challenges/Games/Activities
• Period sets for photo opportunities
 Baroness Cathryn of Chester, OL, OP
Mistress Cathryn
 Baroness Cathryn has participated in the SCA for 34 years, starting in College.  She has traveled extensively sharing her passion for the Arts & Sciences with like-minded people in five different kingdoms around the world.  She has held numerous offices covering all levels of the SCA from local groups to Society deputy.  
E-mail at page.
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 Arts & Sciences 50 Challenges
A and S 50 Challenge
Land Registration
Participants will have the opportunity to register as a group with the Land Office, starting on December 1, 2015. More information can be found on the Registration - Land page.
Registration Opens
Registration for Group Names will be open December 1, 2015. 
Registration for people will be open January 1, 2016.