Hawks and Hounds
More than just Horses at 50 Year!
Hawks and Hounds is really about the other animals on the site. Those not on two feet or with four hooves. This page will contain Vet information, as well as local supply vendors. Specific information about shot requirements will be posted here. Also look for the Frequently Asked Questions on the side.

HL Alienor de Bathe (Atlantia)
Alienor de Bathe
Lady Alienor has been a member of the society for nearly twenty years and lived in both the Midrealm and Atlantia. She brings with her a strong knowledge of animals, practical sense and dedication to her work. 
E-mail at page.
Staff Kick Off Meeting
The Staff Kick Off meeting was held June 20, 2015, and featured department heads from all over the Known World, either in person or Skyped in.  See more details in linked story at the bottom of the page.
Frequently Asked Questions
We will be featuring Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Mashalate here  Feel free to send a question to the email for the respective marshal, or marshal in charge.