There are many History displays
We will be featuring Armor, Kingdom History, a Memorial Shield Wall and much more.

The SCA 50 Year Historic Display Hall will feature:
        - A Memorial Shield Wall to remember those we have lost
         - A booth for each Kingdom to show their unique history and traditions
          - Recorded Oral Histories of individual SCA members' experiences
        - The Evolution of SCA Armor
        - Historic Scroll exhibitions
        - The 50 Year Tapestry

Activities throughout the week will include:
        - Theme days including: our beginnings, royalty and regalia, non-Kingdom groups, the peerages, the great wars and interkingdom events, those we have lost, where we are going
        - Short lectures on SCA History
        - Opportunities to meet our Founders

Add your own contributions to the history hall by making a shield for someone we have lost or recording your own oral history!

The History site continues to grow
Check back here for pictures of our past, and what we can expect in the History Hall
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