Important Dates
Merchant package is available: Merchant Package.
Merchant packets should be in by December 15, 2015.
Merchant spaces will be announced by January 15, 2016.
Would you like to merchant at 50 Year?
Frequently Asked Questions:
SCA 50 Year Celebration will be here before you know it. This is your introductory information to the wonderful world of SCA 50 Year Merchanting. We hope to have the best of the best at 50 Year. Please take time to go through the information provided and please feel free to come up with questions of your own. I hope that in answering many of your questions you will see if your business will align with the needs of SCA 50 Year. Please feel free to send any additional questions to . I will answer them and add the info to the current questions/answer list. I will keep this list updated with new information until the release of the SCA 50 Merchant application package. Look for that October 1, 2015. Please have your request in by December 20, 2015. At that time all applications will be reviewed and merchants will be selected. Space is limited so I encourage you to send along websites and pictures of your booth and goods with your application so the team can see your set-up. We will have room for a small number of tent merchants so please let us know if you are tent merchant, bazaar merchant or are willing to be either.

1) When and where is it?
The 50 Year celebration will be held just West of Indianapolis, IN in Danville, on June 17-27th.
2) What is the sales tax?
Where do I get a licence to sell in the state of Indiana?
Sales tax is 7% for all non-food items.  Food items that are vended are taxed at the restaurant tax rate of 8%.
Go Here: Indiana State Licence.
3) Will everyone who requests merchant space be allowed to merchant?
At this time space is limited.  Some folks may be turned away.  We will be reviewing the applications and getting a variety of wares for the event.  You will be encouraged to send along web addresses and pictures with your applications.  This information will be used to coordinate the Merchanting areas.
Applications are being accepted October 1st.  And packets must be in by December 15th for consideration.
4. What is the sales tax in Indiana and for what? We have a 7% Sales tax across the board in Indiana for all products/items sold. Our only exception is food which is not taxed. Food items that are vended are taxed at restaurants. In the counties directly around the city of Indianapolis restaurant tax is 8%.
5. Can I bring a tent to merchant from? There will be a very limited number of tent merchants at SCA 50 Year. Most Merchants will be housed in two pole barn type shelters with roofs, fans and electricity. We will be having a bazaar type setting for all. At this time space is limited. We are looking to have @70 merchant spaces plus a limit number of tent merchants. Please note that is spaces not merchants. Merchants may wish to purchase more than one space. Folks will need to review their space needs and purchase space to fit the need.
6. What sizes are the merchant spaces as well as the cost of each? You will be offered a 10X20 space for $50.00 for the event. A 20X20 Space will be $75.00 for the event. A 20X40 Space will be $125.00 for the event. We will not offer spaces larger than 20X40 with the exception of a few tent merchants. Tent merchants will be billed per square foot. Price will be $0.15 (fifteen cents) per square foot and you will need to include your ropes with that. Due to the electricity running through the site, tent stakes are dangerous and we will have to make sure you fit within the markings of the electric company.
7. What do I get with the space? As a bazaar vendor you will be assigned tables and chairs based on the space you purchase. Please remember that if you want to utilize all your space you should think about using all four sides of your booth area. You can always build up as well. Tent merchants will get a marked off space only.
8. As a SCA 50 Year Merchant can we arrive on site early to set up? Yes you can. Details for early arrival will be made available closer to the time of the event, but it does appear that merchants will be able to get onto the site on the Thursday before Friday opening. At this time we are looking at one day early for early on set up.
9. When can we officially put in to register? Registration will officially begin on October 1, 2015. At this time you will need to decide the size of space you will need. We will have options for additional table and chairs for rent. This information will be available closer to registration. The fees for these items will be minimal. We are looking at making the trip as easy for you as possible.
10. Can I put a structure on my bazaar merchant space i.e. tent, shelves etc.? Yes you can, but they have to be free standing structures and cannot interfere with the ceiling fans in the building. The floor to fan height is over 15 feet. Please keep that in mind if you plan on constructing structures. The floor of the barns are concrete so no stakes allowed.
11. Can I use the electricity provided? Yes you can. Bring your own extension cords and make sure that they are approved for outdoor use.
12. Can I sleep in my merchant area? Yes you can if you like. Please work around your space to fit your needs. You can fit a small pop up tent in your area if it works! Please note that we will be providing security through the week, but we are not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise. There is a limited amount of space between the barns for tent camping. Small period tents if possible. Your property and the security of it is up to you.
13. Do I have to have a license to sell or vend in Indiana to merchant at SCA 50 Year. Yes you do. We will be requiring a copy of your license as part of the registration process.
14. What will be our hours of operation? We hope you can be open from Saturday to the following Sunday at 6PM, although we do understand if you need to leave early...just let us know. If that is the case we would rather you leave after 6PM when crowds in the area die down. You will be required to be open throughout the event from 10AM to 6PM. You are welcome to sell around those hours, but we will be requesting a quiet time after 10PM. That being said Midnight Madness will be the exception! We hope to have a Midnight Madness Sale on the Wed of the event. Thursday if the weather is bad. On this date please open later if you like and try to stay open until at least 11PM. We do understand that there are events and activities that you may need to close for. This is fine as this is also your vacation. Please leave a " I will return at___" sign at your booth. Enjoy the Event!
15. Speaking of weather? What can we do to protect our merchandise? The barns do not have walls, although the roof and sides are steel and steel beams. You are encouraged to create walls for your booth areas. This will cut down on wind and rain. The booths near the middle of the barns are less likely to be impacted. We encourage all to bring plastic coverings and or lids for tubs and merchandise. Contrary to the song in the early 70's, it does Rain in Indianapolis in the Summertime!
16. Can we ship merchandise to the site? Yes you can. Staff will accept your packages, but we are not responsible for the security of the packages. They will be housed in a locked area, but again, we are not responsible for the security of your items. Some folks had asked about shipping pods. We have a location for these to be stored near the merchant buildings.
17. Will there be trailer parking/merchant parking? Yes, I am working with the staff to secure parking for your trailers and cars. This parking will be closer to the merchant area. If you choose to camp in general camping, it will be located in a different area of the site, but still accessible by walking. The event site has paved roads and all areas are within walking distance.
18. Will there be food available on site? Yes there will. The food vendors are located directly across the road from the merchant buildings. We will have a variety of foods available serving from AM to PM.
We will post more FAQs as they arrive. Thank you! Of course, if you have questions, please contact me at the email below.
Countess Kenna Harve, OP
Countess Kenna
Kenna served the Midrealm as Crown and followed that up with serving as Kingdom Seneschal, and later Society Seneschal.  She has also been a Pennsic co-autocrat and is well versed in the needs of the Merchant office.
E-mail at page.
Land Registration
Participants will have the opportunity to register as a group with the Land Office, starting on December 1, 2015. More information can be found on the Registration - Land page.
Registration Opens
Registration for Group Names will be open December 1, 2015. 
Registration for people will be open January 1, 2016.