Family and Guest Registration
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NOTE: If you need to send an email directly for an EPay, send to:  
Include your Registration Key and Total Amount. However, first try to click the EPay choice after you Log In.

LOST USER ID / PASSWORD?  If you can't remember or lose your password for Log In, you can email the following for that info:  or

REFUNDS:  Full refunds are available up to 30 days prior to the event.  Contact the exchequer for any questions or your refund:

Follow these steps for registration:
1) First, make a "Family" group you will be asked for one adult
2) Fill in the form completely, The "Create" button will come live when all fields are filled in,      
3) After you click "Create" you will be taken to a summary page
4) On the summary page below the first name there will be the option to “Add another family member”
     - Each family member needs their own unique ID, so they can make their own schedule-
     - When all the fields are filled out, the "Create” button will add them to the total in the family
* New members can be added at any time by choosing 'view your family' on this page, and it will take you to the summary page

5)You also have a “Camping” option that will allow you to select your camping group
6)When everyone is in the Family, you can either ePay, or Pay by Check, click on those options to pay

Group Name Registration is now on the LAND page

Registration Fees
The event fees will be $40 plus $5 per day for Adults, with a max of $85 per person for all 10 days.  There is a $5 Discount for members, making the max fee $80.
The event fees will be $25 plus $5 per day for Teens 13-17, with a max of $70 per person for all 10 days. 
The event fees will be $15 plus $5 per day for Youth 1-12, with a max of $60 per person for all 10 days.  

Infants under 1 year are free.

There will be a member discount of $5.

There is an additional $10 at the door.  (If we can plan for you, it costs less)

A "Family Cap" will be in effect at the amount of two adults and two teens.*
Event fees are based on the first day of arrival. For adult members with discount:
Arrival date: Fee:
Friday 17th - $80
Saturday 18th - $80
Sunday 19th - $75
Monday 20th - $70
Tuesday 21th - $65
Wednesday 22th - $60
Thursday 23th - $55
Friday 24th - $50
Saturday 25th - $45
Sunday 26th - $40
Teens are -$10 from the fees above, and Youth are -$20 from the fees above. **

* For those not familiar with the “Family Cap”, it is the maximum price a nuclear family will pay, regardless of the number of children they bring. The cap is the cost of two adults and two teens. This is designed to make it less expensive for large families. It is not designed a household of 50 to be treated as a family and get a great bargain on the fees. “Family” is defined as a responsible parent or parents and their minor children living at the same address.

** If you would like to view a complete breakdown of fees, this page offers a great example:
 Haus Adelbrecht 50 Year Fee Breakdown

Staff Deputy : Master Vorlin o'r Gwig, OP
Vorlin o'r Gwig
Master Vorlin is an accomplished servant of the Society and has worked on the Pennsic staff at registration for many years. 
Land Registration
 More information can be found on the Registration - Land page.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. When is Pre-Registration closed?
Pre-Registration for land and groups closes May 17th .

2. What about quiet hours?
Yes, there are quiet hours.  10 pm to 8am.  Fortunately, we have several buildings to move the noisy parties into.  

3. Are there hotels?
Yes, a listing of local hotels can be found on the "Local" tab. Some have also rented local apartments for the month.

4. How much space is allocated per person?  
While we don't know how many people are coming (can't check against last year's numbers you know) we expect that we will have at least 250sf per adult, 200sf per teen, 150sf per youth.  More may be possible, particularly in the northern areas.

5. Is there transportation around the site?
There will be a tram during main daylight hours 9am-6pm around the perimeter of the site, but the site is flat and easy to walk as well.

6. I noticed there are creeks, are there bridges, can I build one? There are some bridges across the creeks, and even some foot paths.  We will try to build additional foot paths, and with approval of the site engineer, you can build one.

7. Are there Handicap facilities?
The site is 100% compliant with all ADA requirements.  The paths between buildings in the main village are flat and paved, there are handicap port a jons.  There is no seperate Handicap camping, as we would not presume to know where they would like to camp, or that they be seperated from family and friends.

8. Do the camping locations have Power and Water?  
Not all locations have access to Power or Water.  Some are primative camping only. Details for each block are on the Land page.

9. Are there RV hookups?
You can camp in an RV, but there are not enough power and water hook ups.  The hook ups are used for additional shower trailers.  We will have some used for Dump and fill stations.  Generators are OK.