Siege Activities
Siege Activities at 50 Year!
Yes! There is even room to do Siege activities at 50 year! Watch this space for information on Known World competitions and activities.

Sir Jean-Claude von Adlerstaat (Meridies)
Jean Claude
Sir Jean-Claude has been in the Society for over 35 years and held nearly every office there is to hold. He is currently the Society Deputy Earl Marshal for Siege. 
E-mail at page.
Animal Activities
Staff Kick Off Meeting
The Staff Kick Off meeting was held June 20, 2015, and featured department heads from all over the Known World, either in person or Skyped in.  See more details in linked story at the bottom of the page.
Frequently Asked Questions
We will be featuring Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Mashalate here  Feel free to send a question to the email for the respective marshal, or marshal in charge.