Site Rules
The Dos and Don'ts of the Site

Alcohol cannot be sold on site, period. We have no liquor license and the state of Indiana is quite firm on the matter. Alcohol can be enjoyed in one's camp, though every effort should be made to put it in a period container. Do not serve minors, drink responsibly, police officers will be on site at all times.
The State of Indiana is an open carry permit state; it is not unusual to see people with firearms. No one will interfere with your constitutional right to carry. That said, please don't. Insisting on openly carrying a firearm at a Medieval event based on Honor and Courtesy makes a person wonder why. For the novelty? No, Indiana does not consider it novel. For protection? No - this is a gathering of people based on Courtesy and Honor, and no lack of will to enforce it with far less lethal, and more readily available, means. To look important? No - a willingness to help others makes people important, not the ability to sling a projectile with explosive force. What it will do is clash with the Medieval atmosphere. No 9mm, .45 or .22 looks good with a Coathardie, Norse Tunic, or Elizabethan. If you are still possessed with a desire accelerate projectiles, may we suggest the Archery Range? It is Period, fun and uses many of the same skill sets. In short: Yes, you can, but no one will be impressed and it is not period, please don't.
Fire and Water:
All fires will need to be off the ground, in braizers or raised fire pits. Please do not dig fire pits. Please do not dig sump or drainage pits, even if you fill them in, it would get us in trouble. No in camp showers, we will have rented showers, and the site has hard walled showers. Leave the place neater than you found it.

Quiet Hours:
While we fully expect to have activities throughout the night in the buildings, they must stay in the buildings. Drumming, Dancing, Fighting, even a late night tavern, but keep it in the buildings. The site is surrounded by residential areas and the overhead stadium lights at the Archery field must be out by 10pm, and the louder activities should move indoors. If you would like to reserve a building for a Kingdom party, please coordinate it with the special events chair THL Odette at
Some areas will not be able to have sump pits for water. This is because power, water and in some cases sewer lines are very close to the surface (in some places only 6 inches down). These lines will be clearly marked. However, due to the hazards of those lines, pits will be limited to the areas North of the middle of the property. These will be clearly marked. We can't dig pits in the main village area, or in the Royal fields (Lastic Field). Of course, if you *do* dig a pit for water collection in an approved area, please fill it in, and do not put trash in those pits.
Frequently Asked Questions
When is Pre-Registration closed? - Pre-Registration closes May 17th.
What about quiet hours?
 - Yes, there are quiet hours.  10 pm to 8am.  Fortunately, we have several buildings to move the noisy parties into.  
Are there hotels? - Yes, a listing of local hotels can be found on the "Local" tab. Some have also rented local apartments for the month.
How much space is allocated per person?  While we don't know how many people are coming (can't check against last year's numbers you know) we expect that we will have at least 250sf per adult, 200sf per teen, 150sf per youth.  More may be possible, particularly in the northern areas.
Is there transportation around the site? - There will be a tram during main daylight hours 9am-6pm around the perimeter of the site, but the site is flat and easy to walk as well.
I noticed there are creeks, are there bridges, can I build one? - There are some bridges across the creeks, and even some foot paths.  We will try to build additional foot paths, and with approval of the site engineer, you can build one.
Are there Handicap facilities? - The site is 100% compliant with all ADA requirements.  The paths between buildings in the main village are flat and paved, there are handicap port a jons.  There is no seperate Handicap camping, as we would not presume to know where they would like to camp, or that they be seperated from family and friends.
Do the camping locations have Power and Water?  Not all locations have access to Power or Water.  Some are primative camping only. Details for each block are on the Land page.
Are there RV hookups? - You can camp in an RV, but there are not enough power and water hook ups.  The hook ups are used for additional shower trailers.  We will have some used for Dump and fill stations.  Generators are OK.