The Stewards
The Schedule for Arts and Sciences activities is not yet available.
Our goal for the event is to welcome the Known World and highlight all the very best the Society has to offer. This is not a Medieval Fair on someone’s farm or park, this is an event held by you, for you. Let’s return to what we love about the Society, our ability to help each other, work for a common goal, leave a place better than we found it, learn something, share something. Our team is ready to help you make this the best event you have ever gone to, come join us.
Duchess Elina of Beckenham, OL, OR, OP, KSCA
Duchess Elina has been a member of the Society for over 35 years. She has reigned three times and lived in Meridies, Trimaris, Atlantia, West, AnTir and the Middle. Modernly she is an IT director managing a team of 150. She was Lauraled in Trimaris, Pelicaned in the West and Knighted in the Middle.
For the event, Elina will be focused on the Marshal Activities, Animal Activities, Land, Registration, Facilities, Media & Public Relations, Security & First Aid and Finance.  
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Baron Llewelyn ap Teirnon, OL, OP
Llewelln has been a member of the Society for almost 30 years and has his first love in the cooking arts. He is an absolute social butterfly and is always ready to help. His Pelican was primarily for service to the Arts and Sciences office and promoting and expanding the arts. Today he works for a major brokerage house.

For the event, Llew will be primarily focused on 'Guest Experience' and organizing our Royalty Liaison, History Displays, Local Liaison, Classes, Dance, Bardic Arts, Volunteers and Founders Events.  
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Land Registration
Participants will have the opportunity to register as a group with the Land Office, starting on December 1, 2015. More information can be found on the Registration - Land page.
Registration Opens
Registration for Group Names will be open December 1, 2015. 
Registration for people will be open January 1, 2016.