Thrown Weapons

Axes, Knives, Spears and Javelins, OH MY!
While the area is marked The Range, and is located just East of The Village, there will be 3 areas included, with one dedicated as a Throwing Range, with constant activity. Join us for Known World competitions and build your skills! Never attempted Thrown Weapons?  Have an idea for a competition? Send the Marshal a note, we will see what we can do about including it in our schedule.

Come challenge yourself, or a friend.  Learn!  Enjoy!

As with any event dealing with weaponry, there are specific rules that must be adhered to - these are those for the Thrown Weapons field:


1) Each thrower shall recognize that his/her equipment is a potentially lethal weapon, and understand the possibilities of physical injury to him/herself or others, and shall assume onto him/herself all risk and liability for harm.
2) A warranted Thrown Weapons Marshal must be present at all S.C.A., Inc. events and practices.
3) All thrown weapons must be inspected by a Thrown Weapons Marshal (or supervised TWMIT) before they may be thrown.
4) Throwers shall behave in a courteous and safe manner at all times.
5) Throwers shall stand behind the marked line when throwing (despite their natural pace length) to assure a safe zone from bouncing weapons.
6) Only throwers and the line marshals are allowed in the throwing range.
7) At the call of "HOLD!" throwers shall immediately lower their weapons. As the word "HOLD" is exclusively used when safety issues are at hand, it should not be used to end timed rounds (use "stop" or "time"). Further, any participant, Marshal or spectator has the authority to call "HOLD" on the thrown weapons range should they observe a perceived unsafe situation. However, the Marshal-in-Charge will evaluate and will execute any required corrective action before allowing throwing to resume.
8) Throwers may not throw at a target containing other thrower's weapons without their expressed permission.
9) Throwers shall retrieve their weapons only at the command of the marshal.
10) Throwers should only pull their weapons from the targets
11) Throwers are responsible for continuously assuring that their equipment meets the Equipment Standards after its original inspection. Should any questionable damage occur consult with the Marshal-in-Charge.
12) All participants and marshals will has some form of shoes on while in the throwing range safety  area.
13) Inappropriate behavior on the part of any participant or spectator may result in the Marshal-in-Charge removing that person from the throwing range area.

Thrown Weapons Activities
You can now get further information on events, via popups, on the Thrown Weapons Schedule by hovering your cursor over the TIME of the event you are interested in! Once you sign in (by using your registration Name and Password), you can add these to Your Schedule (which is available via the My Schedule link in the Activities drop down menu above).

Note: Also included on  this schedule are a few SIEGE WEAPON events - these will be held at The Range as well.

Master Gailen Alric Ros, OP (Middle)
Master Gailen
Master Gailen has been in the Society for 35 years and has been throwing far longer than that. He has the distinction of taking a full range with him to nearly 40 events in a single year, and has inspired hundreds to try their hand at the skill. 

The Range
Frequently Asked Questions
UPDATED  June 9th

1. What areas will allow Thrown Weapons?
There is a desgnated area within an outdoor arena, The Range, that is for thrown weapons.  If you check out the map, this location is to the middle right of the site.  The Range is divided into 3 areas, one for Thrown Weapons, one for Archery, and one for Siege.

2. What are the types of Thrown Weapons?
The art of thrown weapons includes Axes, Knives, and Spear (or Javelins).  There are specialized types designed especially for these purposes.

3. How are the marshals handling youngsters coming to the range to throw?
We will be registering all youth just like the thrown weapons range does at Pennsic. There will be a form to be filled out by the parent or guardian of the youngster. The information will be name, age, name of parent, and area the family is camping in. These will be kept on site during the event should there be a question of age or if someone has been registered by their parent at the range.

4. How young is too young to throw on the range?
Anyone under the age of five seldom has the arm strength yet to get the axe to the target. It is frustrating for the child and for the parent when the youngster cannot even bounce an axe off the target butt.

5. How old  must I be to throw on the range?
If you are twelve or older and have been signed in once to the thrown weapons range at the marshal tent you are allowed to throw and take classes without a parent. If you are eleven or under you must have a parent present at the range with you the entire time you are throwing.

6. Do I have to have my own equipment to come throw on the range?
There will be a limited amount of loanable equipment at the range, this is personal property of the marshal loaning it. In other words, if you break an axe handle offer to pay for it....they are right at $5 each. If you damage equipment loaned to you please own up to it and offer to replace it. The marshals do this out of kindness so that everyone has a chance to try it, but they are not made of money.

7. Where can I get my own weapons to throw at the range?
I am currently unsure what merchants will be on site for the event but I will suggest Viking Archery. He carries both adult and mouse (child size) tomahawks in stock most events. If you would like to get weaponry before the event to bring and throw I would suggest the following merchants online that carry reasonably priced tomahawks and knives. These are places that I have picked up many tomahawks and axes from in the past.    They carry a $25 tomahawk and throwing knives     They carry very nice axes and knives

8. Are there any rules for the thrown weapons area?

Yes there are...we use the Middle Kingdom thrown weapons rules and they will be posted at the range gate before you can enter to throw. The most important rule on the list is absolutely no bare feet on the throwing range. The area where the throwing range is has sharp rock and other hazards in the dirt and grass. Last year at the Simple Day event we even found bits of glass....nobody wants to get that into a foot.

9. What are the hours of the range?
We are currently looking at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day the range is set up during the event. This is subject to change for special tourneys that might run after normal range hours.

We will be continuing to feature Frequently Asked Questions regarding Thrown Weapons here.

If you have a question, feel free to send a question to the Thrown Weapons Marshal  ~ ( )