Thrown Weapons
Axes, Knives, Spears and Javelins, OH MY!
While the area is marked “Archery” and is located in the heart of our spontaneous city, there will also be a dedicated throwing range with constant activity. Join us for Known World competitions and build your skills! Have an idea for a competition? Send me a note, we will see what we can do about running it.

Master Gailen Alric Ros, OP (Middle)
Master Gailen
Master Gailen has been in the Society for 35 years and has been throwing far longer than that. He has the distinction of taking a full range with him to nearly 40 events in a single year, and has inspired hundreds to try their hand at the skill. 
E-mail at page.
Staff Kick Off Meeting
The Staff Kick Off meeting was held June 20, 2015, and featured department heads from all over the Known World, either in person or Skyped in.  See more details in linked story at the bottom of the page.
Frequently Asked Questions
We will be featuring Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Mashalate here  Feel free to send a question to the email for the respective marshal, or marshal in charge.