The SCA runs on Volunteers!
The event can't work without you! Since the very beginning of the SCA we have worked by volunteerism, and that spirit is alive and well at 50 year. I'm the coordinator for volunteers, and my job is to place the best skill in the area that needs it most. Let me know what you are interested in, what you want to help with or just what you are good at, I'll find a great team for you to work with.

Each area of service will be able to distinguish its volunteers with additions to their site tokens......watch for more information on this!
Would you like to voulunteer?  Fill out the form here!  (And Thank You, in advance)
Staff Deputy : THL Alexander Adelbrecht Von Markelingen
Alexander Adellbrecht
Alexander has an extensive talent in organization and applying the best skills to the greatest need. He is a selfless servant of the Society and is here to help you find the best place for you to apply your talents. 
E-mail at page.
Land Registration
Participants will have the opportunity to register as a group with the Land Office, starting on December 1, 2015. More information can be found on the Registration - Land page.
Registration Opens
Registration for Group Names will be open December 1, 2015. 
Registration for people will be open January 1, 2016.