SCA 50th Anniversary
June 17 - 27, 2016
Danville, IN   USA
  • Heraldic Display
  • Equestrian
  • Rapier Combat
  • Hawks and Hounds
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Tournaments
  • The Finest Arts
  • Heavy Combat
  • The Best of Classes
Welcome to the SCA 50 Year Celebration !

SCA 50 year is upon us!  What started out as a backyard party in 1966 has grown into an international organization with over 30,000 members, and perhaps that many more non-member participants.  In celebration of the 50 years of living history, the Society for Creative Anachronism will be hosting a 50 Year Celebration in Danville, Indiana, June 17-27, 2016.

The 50 Year Celebration is hosted by the SCA for the come and share what we know and enjoy with our brothers and sisters from across the Known World. This is a Society-wide event, sponsored by and for YOU!

Entertainment Abounds !
There will be many fine performers attending 50 Year...and not just for the fun that the event holds, but, to entertain and bring mirth and excitement for all those who will be at this Celebration!  Look for these entertainers not only at the Gold'N Gryphon Tavern, but along the Promenade, or in the Great Hall, too.

Come and see the mad antics and humor of Clan Tynker ~
 Clan Tinker

A troupe of brothers and sisters who perform a stunnig array of talens in a fanciful "Vaudeville" style of Circus.  Their all-ages show presents an amazing menagerie of entertainment from "around the world" set to an exciting live musical soundscape.  Dazzling juggling skills, stage magic, stilt walking, comedy, audience participation, sword swallowing and fire-eating.  If they don't capture your complete attention, then you weren't there!

You can always visit them online:

Enjoy the whimsical, if not bar brawling songs of the Whiskey Bards ~

Whiskey Bards
The Whiskey Bards are a group of four friends who have joined together to pursue the bardic arts of times past. Their performances include their own arrangements of traditional folk songs, sea shanties, and ballads as well as their own compositions in the bardic idiom.

Find them on Facebook:  Whiskey Bards

Hear the wondrous and angelic sounds of Heather Dale ~

Heather DaleCanadian recording artist & touring musician Heather Dale writes songs for imaginative people who aren’t afraid to be different.

Known for her interpretations of ancient legends, Heather's original music and tireless touring have earned her a broad international following. She cheerfully disregards the limits for both folk singer-songwriters and Celtic balladeers, and fuses the folk tradition with blues and jazz influences. Her original music “is powerful stuff... with a depth and resonance rooted in its mythic sources"

Be a part of Heather Dale's music:

Be invigorated by the boisterous music of Wolgemut ~

Wolgemut (vol-guh-moot): an ancient germanic word which simply means, "to be in a good mood". Wolgemut is also the name of our very unique minstrel’s troupe which believes that the goal of every performance is to leave the audience in a good mood! The name says it all!

Fun, humor and endless amounts of energy are the essentials of a Wolgemut performance. Music, dance and comedy fused with a generous amount of “wolgemutness” turns every Wolgemut show into a high powered event; a Renaissance Rock concert!

Spend more time with them online: Wolgemut

Here are some other fine performers who will be performing at the 50 Year Celebration: 

  • Musica Subterranea
  • Ken & Lisa Theriot
  • Tulstin Troubasdors Trio
  • Johann Steinarsonn
For more information on the entertainment, visit the Performing Arts page!

    ALL THE THINGS are happening .... at 50 Year!  Be part of the Celebration!

PRE Registration is closed...

However, you can still register online!

Registration is still OPEN .....and funds can be accepted postmarked by Saturday May 28th, or emailed for electronic payment request by Sunday midnight PST May 29th.  What do you get by registering? You get a fast check in, and avoid the ‘at the door’ fee. 

PRE Registration is CLOSED… land allotments will be available shortly!  Those that pre-registered ensured enough space for their groups, will have an easier check in when they get here, avoided the $10 at the door fee, and helped the event better plan for facilities.  

What happens after the 29th?  You can still come of course, and you can even help shorten your wait by adding your information on line, but you will pay the "at the door" fee, and unless camping space has already been arranged or you are camping off site, you will not have a pre-arranged location for camping. 


For GENERAL registration, go to:  REGISTRATION
What's Nearby?
A list of Restaurants, Accommodations, Tent Rentals, and other suppliers is available here:


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What's Happening?
There will be an abundance of things to do at 50 Year...all dedicated to making this a spectacular and memorable event.  Here are some:

A&S Activities ~  
Check out the daily activities!  They vary from the domestic Textiles Day, the finery of Costumes & Accessoreis, to Scribal Day!

Artisans' Square ~
Where you can wander through the Square and become enveloped in that true medieval feeling among the Tradesmen at work...

Martial Activities ~
Just follow the sounds of combat!  Many Heavy and Rapier activities will be going on in the open field right near the Promenade!

Founders Events ~
Come and meet and chat with some of the Founders of the SCA...the stories they have to share are wonderful!

Youth Activities ~
Never forget who we are passing our dream along to.... there are great classes and events scheduled for our children.

European Dance and Middle Eastern Dance
Dancing will be prevalent at 50 Year... Let your feet have all the fun they can!

Merchants ~
From around the Known World...wander through the Promenade and the covered and eat to your heart's content.
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