SCA 50th Anniversary
June 17 - 27, 2016
Danville, IN   USA
  • Equestrian
  • Hawks and Hounds
  • Archery, Thrown Weapons and Siege
  • Tournaments
  • The Finest Arts
  • The Best of Classes
Welcome to the SCA 50 Year Website
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SCA 50 year is upon us!  What started out as a backyard party in 1966 has grown into an international organization with over 30,000 paid members, and perhaps that many more unpaid participants.  In celebration of the 50 years of living history, the Society for Creative Anachronism will be hosting a 50 Year Celebration in Danville, Indiana, June 17-27, 2016.  With a little under a year's time remaining the Steward's team is in full swing planning and preparing for visitors from around the world.  Look for this icon in your local newsletter for information.

We wish to invite the Known World to an event that brings back all the great things you joined the SCA for.  The very best of tournaments will be hosted by the Marshal teams, Equestrian activities, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Arts and Sciences Demos and Classes, Balls, Feasts Historical Displays and more.  Many of the founders will be there, and there will be opportunities to meet with them.  

Come join us for the very best that you remember. 
If you have an A&S 50 Challenge that you would like featured, feel free to contact the Arts & Sciences Deputy for 50 year.  We can link to your website if you have one, or feature pictures of the project in progress. 
Learn more about ongoing projects on the Arts & Sciences Challenges page.
Staff Kick Off Meeting
Our Staff Kick-Off meeting was held June 20, 2015. Attending either in person or via Skype were department heads from all over the Known World. See more details in linked story at the bottom of the page.  See more details in linked story at the bottom of the page.
Website Updates
The last update to the website was Sunday, Aug 25th, 2015, adding: registration fees and information, Merchant information, ADA compliance statement, Stay tuned for ongoing revisions & updates, plus FAQs, rules, tips and schedules. Coming soon: Overseas traveler information page.
Registration for Group Names will be open December 1, 2015.

Merchant Registration begins October 1, 2015.
Registration for Guests will be open January 1, 2016. 
A comprehensive list of Accommodations will be available in the "Local Information " tab under the "Site Info" on the main menu bar.
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The Site is Maintained by Sir Aaron Palomides of Buckminster, OP